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About Me

I am based in South East Melbourne and specialise in professional console modding. 👌

I've had a strong interest in programming and electronics since an early age but didn't really join the party until later in life. I have experience with C, C++, Assembly, and I am a certified full-stack developer. This enables me to program using JavaScript, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and adapt and implement any NPM package. ✌️

I have 5 years of experience as a telecommunications technician, performing installations and repairs on internet connections that used multiple technologies such as: PSTN (Public Telephony Switching Network, now obsolete), ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), FTTN (Fibre To The Node), FTTC (Fibre To The Curb), HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network).

I really enjoy programming microcontrollers and performing basic PCB design using KiCad when time permits. With these skills and interests, creating basic console modifications comes naturally to me. One day, I may be able to release something a little more advanced. 🤙 😊

Some of my projects include a stealth modchip for the PlayStation 1 (compatible with all models), which started off as a timing-based stealth chip but moved across to sensing the read head position by sniffing sub Q data (based heavily on PSNee V7 by Rama, with my own twists). I also developed my own dual-frequency oscillator using easy-to-obtain, off-the-shelf parts controlled by a tiny program flashed onto an Atmega328P MCU (or similar). Additionally, I have created some in-game reset programs for several consoles. These solutions allow you to easily reset back to the game selection menu without getting up. I have also developed a few simple RGB bypasses, including one for 1-chip SNES/Super Famicom systems. These are known for their super sharp image output, but sadly come from the factory outputting an overly bright and washed-out image. My bypass boards correct this, and I strongly believe mine is the best bypass available as it replaces the entire video circuit, as opposed to reusing factory components. Another project includes an open-source linear power supply for certain Sega Saturn models, which I created because I had so many 100v JP systems.

You can find most of my projects on my

I frequently receive requests for RGB modifications on older CRT TVs.
If you are interested in this service, please contact me with the make and model of your TV.

Please note, there is now a minimum $250 charge for this service. Additionally, you will need to provide your own RCA to SCART adapter. I cannot offer a warranty on these old sets, as most have already performed many thousands of hours of use.

While I may not have the time to constantly release new products, I always enjoy working on projects whenever time permits.

This website is intentionally kept simple and is likely to remain so. For modification inquiries or further information, you can contact me at The lists some of the frequently requested modifications, and I will continue adding more as time allows. Please be aware that any monetary values mentioned are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

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