Injecting your lightgun signal into your RGB SCART cable or Component set up.

You could surely find a way to do this on S video too! it would need to splice onto Luma.

Not too long ago I came about some rather expensive lightgun adapters to inject the lightgun signal into an RGB SCART cable. You don't need to spend this much money to set up your home shooter arcade!

The aim is quite simple, and there are a variety of ways to achieve this. All we need to do is inject the lightgun signal into the sync line. Back in the day, everyone basically used composite video, so it was easy to inject the signal into the composite video line. These days, however, we are often using RGB SCART or Component.

This won't require much of a guide, but just a few images and an explanation. I'll be using a PS2 as an example, but the same principles apply to any retro console with lightgun games.

RCA double adapter picture
Female to Female RCA adapter picture
Male to Female RCA lead
piggy back RCA lead


Simply get the lightguns RCA jack to double up into your (sync signal) green component plug anyway you want.

RCA Splitter + Male to Female RCA down to the lightgun RCA *OR* RCA Splitter + Male to Male RCA + Female to Female Adapter on the lightgun end


Piggy back RCA lead on green, component green into the back of piggy back from console AV, and female to female adapter on the lightgun end


Simply get the lightguns RCA jack to double up into your sync signal anyway you want.

This is especially simple if you have an RGB modded set and you added a SCART plug. Just run a lead from the lightgun RCA into the yellow composite jack corresponding to the AV channel you used for the RGB mod, otherwise use the component guide above but use the yellow composite jack intead of the green component jack.

time crisis ps1 screenshot

That's it!

Have fun and enjoy your home arcade setup!

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